Paraprofessional Transfers

Paraprofessional postings are slated for July 3rd and 17th. At this time we do not have a list of open positions. Hopefully we will get a list of openings before there are postings. Next week HR is planning on contacting Paraprofessionals regarding their status for next year.

We will again offer assistance for individuals who have problems using Search Soft beginning on July 3st through July 7th. Search Soft is the system used to select positions. Paraprofessional will be able to select positions in their category for a lateral transfer, meaning if you are an EA1, you would only be able to select positions in the EA1 category. For promotional opportunities (moving to a higher category) they would be listed after the all paraprofessionals have been placed in positions so HR can determine what positions remain open.

Professional Transfers

We are approaching the last step of the transfer process and almost all of the offers have been extended to individuals who applied and have been interviewed. The last step is the staff matching process where individuals who are still displaced will be matched to the remaining open positions. Such reassignments are made by Human Resources, with displaced teachers being reassigned within each certification on the basis of their comparative system seniority. This means that the most senior teacher within a particular certification is reassigned first, and so on, in the order of the displaced teachers’ system seniority within the certification. It does not mean that each displaced teacher has a choice among all the unfilled vacancies in his/her certification at the time when he/she is being reassigned. The existence of a particular vacancy does not constitute an offer or guarantee of reassignment to the vacancy for a specific displaced teacher, since it is necessary for HR to examine several factors in addition to system seniority in offering reassignment to each displaced teacher.

For HR questions or assistance please call 412-431-5900 or email