May 20, 2015

Lindsey M. Williams, Esq.
Director of Communications
Office: 412-431-5900
Cell: 412-443-0226

PITTSBURGH  – On Election Day, the following candidates endorsed by the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers won their primary election:

Pittsburgh School Director (District 2): Regina B. Holley

Pittsburgh School Director (District 4): Lynda Wrenn

Pittsburgh School Director (District 6): Moira B. Kaleida

Pittsburgh School Director (District 8): Kevin L. Carter

Pittsburgh City Council (District 1): Darlene M. Harris

Pittsburgh City Council (District 3): Bruce A. Kraus

Pittsburgh City Council (District 5): Corey O’Connor

Pittsburgh City Council (District 9): Ricky V. Burgess

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas: Jennifer Staley McCrady and Dan Regan (Democratic & Republican primary) and Hugh Fitzpatrick McGough (Democratic primary)

Pittsburgh City Controller: Michael E. Lamb

Justice of the Supreme Court: David Wecht, Christine Donohue and Kevin M. Dougherty

Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT400) President Nina Esposito-Visgitis issued the following statement:

Yesterday was a good day for candidates endorsed by the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers. The PFT’s Political Action Committee devoted a great deal of time to evaluating the candidates on issues impacting our schools and communities. School board races are obviously important to our members, their families, and their students, but our members understand that the other races are just as important. For instance, City Council has the power to act on implementing community schools and judges in the Family Division of the Court of Common Pleas decide important issues for our students. PFT members donated their time to supporting these candidates. They made phone calls, knocked on doors, and greeted voters at the polls. I am proud of the efforts of my fellow PFT members to help elect these candidates and look forward to working with our elected officials to strengthen our schools and communities.