African American Teacher Mentorship Program (AATMP): In addition to the very popular Jazz on the Patio (September 15—mark it on your calendar now!)  AATMP promises some great new activities this year involving fish frys, line dancing, and much much more. Stay tuned for the details!

PFT Leads on AATMP: Harold Grant, Carlton Heywood, Lorena Mitchell, Rob Mitchell

Community Schools Task Force: It is back—better than ever! I am thrilled that LouAnn Ross, Community Schools Coordinator for the district, has consented to join us at each and every meeting—the first one will be Thursday, September 7! With her there, we will be able to directly tackle concerns and questions before they become big issues in your schools. Are your schools one of our first community schools—or are you and your team itching to be in the next round??? Join us the first Thursday of each month for this important meeting!

PFT Leads on CSTF: Nina Esposito-Visgitis, Chris George

2018 AFT Convention Planning Committee Meetings: We are determined to show at least 3,000 AFT brothers and sisters that Pittsburgh is the finest city and houses the finest of AFT’s 1500+ locals! Please join us for the planning—we already have members from other AFT locals outside of the city (including CCAC and NA)—so check out your PFT Calendar and get the dates for these important meetings.

PFT Leads: Nina Esposito-Visgitis, Kathy Monti-Trievel, Lorena Mitchell

PAC Liaisons: Are you a political animal? Are you just getting interested in politics, or want to be? OR Are you looking for a great way to get involved with your union? Then let us know that you are willing/able to take on this great new position in your school! You will get to work closely with your PFT Building Rep and your PFT to work on and learn about the education politics going on in Harrisburg, DC, and across our country.

PFT Leads: Saul Straussman, Lindsey Williams

Burdensome Paperwork and Professionalism in Education Partnership: The PEP Committee has not been active since the mid-2000s—and we thought it was high time to bring it back stronger than ever! Check out pages 146-150 of the PFT professional collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to find out the history of PEP. Though I was not around for the heyday of PEP, I do know that many important initiatives and groundbreaking ideas came out of this committee. Plus, it facilitated true communication between the district and the union on important issues (like burdensome paperwork).

PFT Leads: Harold Grant, Hannah McCarthy, Rob Mitchell, Leah Lipner

PFT Teacher Leaders will be going into its FIFTH YEAR! Wouldn’t you like to get involved in this innovative program AND earn $1500 doing it?   Watch Nina’s Notes for the enrollment information—the first session is slated for Saturday, October 21st. Call me with any questions you have now.

PFT Leads: Sarah Mueller, Brittany McCann

These are just SOME of the things to look forward to at your PFT this school year. We need you to keep our union moving and strong—please check out your new PFT Calendar to find other ways to get involved with your union!