If you are a recently furloughed member of PFT400, there are resources for you as you prepare for your furlough time.  Below are a list of government and non-profit services that you could take advantage of during your furlough or unemployed time.

Surviving a Layoff Booklet
Download the booklet (file is 52 MB)
Download the Layoff Fact Sheet
The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has published a guide to surviving a layoff in PA that includes resources and planning materials for your time out of the employment.  They have also published a supplemental Layoff Fact Sheet. We recommend downloading and reading both documents.

Unemployment Compensation
You  may be eligible for unemployment compensation.  Visit the website above, or call (412) 267-1315 to reach the unemployment compensation office in Duquesne.  Remember, to be eligible you must file for unemployment within the first week of becoming unemployed.

Budget Advisor
You may be in need of professional financial advice.  Budget Advisor is a service that helps you plan your budget during furlough or after you have found employment.

Produce to People
Produce to People is a food aid program run by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank.

Advantage Credit Counseling Service
Advantage Credit Counseling Service is a non-profit community agency that has been helping clients get back to basics since 1968.  When in furlough, it might be necessary to seek financial advice to live on a smaller budget.

Children’s Health Insurance Program
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a government insurance program designed to provide health insurance for children in families who are in financial need.

Summer Food Service Program
The Summer Food Service Program is a national initiative of the USDA that helps to ensure food-insure children have access to nutritious meals.

The United Way – Help for Hard Times
Help for Hard Times Pamphlet
The United Way provides myriad services to families in need in Allegheny County.  Download the Help for Hard Times pamphlet or call 211 for more information.

PA CareerLink of Southwestern PA
www.pacareerlink.state.pa.us and www.jobgateway.pa.gov
PA CareerLink is the delivery system for employment, training, and education services in the commonwealth.  Programs are coordinated and delivered locally at PA CareerLink centers throughout the state.

Employment and Retraining
Employment and Retraining Pamphlet
Download this document to view a list of webpages and resources where furloughed educators can search for new employment or find job retraining resources.