Educational Research and Dissemination (ER&D) is a professional staff development program created by the American Federation of Teachers to give its members the most current classroom based educational research on effective teaching. The program is conducted in cooperation with the American Federation of Teachers and the AFT’s Educational Issues Department, as well as the Pittsburgh Public Schools administration and board of directors.

PFT400 also offers a unique program where you can earn a masters of education in curriculum and instruction through a joint ER&D-Gannon University program.  The program is offered in its entirety in the greater Pittsburgh area, and you can use six credits from ER&D classes as electives. To learn more about the program, visit the Gannon University website and contact PFT400 today.

Participants in ER&D programs meet in collegial sessions to explore key research findings and teaching concepts, to design exercises for the application of these principles in the classroom, to reflect on their own teaching, and to share their experiences with colleagues.  Participation in the training program is voluntary, and the training is done on the teachers’ own time at the PFT building.  The training process allows teachers from all grade levels and disciplines to interact with each other, deal with teaching questions and problems, exchange ideas, and share experiences.

To view a list of courses offered through ER&D, click here.  To download a more thorough description of the program, click here.