2016 Off to a Great Start for the PFT Steering Committee!!!

Join us for our next meeting—Thursday, January 14!

Joined by our friends and mentors from AFT, Lauren Samet and Leonard Edmonds (a Pittsburgh/PFT Legend) we will continue the great committee work mapped out at our December meeting.

The committees and their chairpersons are as follows:
Paraprofessional Professional Development
Chaired by Annette Parker (Phillips/E-Board) and Karen Vinston (Roosevelt/E-Board)
Paraprofessional Engagement and Mentorship
Chaired by Brenda Marks (Woolslair/E-Board)
Paraprofessional Recognition and Appreciation
Chaired by Linda Azzarello (Manchester) and Cecilia Jean Sullivan (Manchester)

Call now to say that you will join us at this vital meeting (refreshments available at 3:30PM—meeting starts at 4:30 PM) and which committee that you would like to work with.

A huge thank you to Brenda Marks (Woolslair/E-Board), Annette Parker (Phillips/E-Board) and Carmella Cosby (Conroy Education Center)who will be running phone banks to paras today to make sure that they know about the meeting and to offer a personal invitation!