Got a great response from members who were able to make it to this excellent session last Monday! The response was so positive, that we have asked the superintendent to provide this vital information in some type of district-wide professional development opportunities for all of our educators. He did agree to consider the suggestion. Interestingly, since Monday, two schools have asked for this same presentation at their school.

At this session, PFT Attorneys, John Bacharach and Lisa Michel joined BOE Attorneys, Joselyn Kramer and Amy Zundel to discuss the many parameters of what we consider to be the growing and alarming issue of ChildLining. Ms. Kramer cited that in the 2013-2014 school year alone, the District lost 628 paid suspension days to those on paid leave pending investigations; and we have no doubt that those numbers have increased since then.

If you do have someone in your school who attended this vital training, please talk to him/her about it—or urge your principal to bring the BOE attorneys to a future staff meeting/training!