The constitution and by-laws are the governing rules of PFT400 and provide the framework for the organization’s operations.  Key to the document is our statement of objectives, laid out on the first page of the constitution:

The objectives of this organization shall be,

    1. To develop in school and community a devotion to democracy.
    2. To promote full and equal educational opportunities for all.
    3. To secure and maintain cooperation and understanding among teacher, school, and community.
    4. To promote racial understanding and eliminate all forms of discrimination in our schools.
    5. To work in cooperation with other interested organizations to advance the interests of education, to improve the quality of education, and to secure legislation that will provide adequate financial support of the public school system.
    6. To advance the economic security and professional interests of teachers and other educational employees, and to secure their active participation in the formulation and administration of educational policies.
    7. To protect the rights of teachers and other educational employees.
    8. To act as representative of teachers and other educational employees in matters affecting these employees and the public schools.

To download a full copy of the constitution and by-laws, Click here.