If you aren’t angry about and worried by charter schools stealing money from our strapped public schools—you better get angry and worried! As you know, they don’t have to follow many of the same rules about teacher certification and testing accountability, and they can literally pick and choose what students they get — more importantly, which ones they keep! Since they receive more money (our money) for special education students—they enroll students in speech with even the slightest of speech differences.

Come to this exclusive opportunity to hear the response to junk films like “Waiting for Superman!” Congratulations to GPS for securing this exclusive grant for the showing of this film—it is only happening in 10 AFT locals across the country!

Ms. Bea will be here to provide daycare.  We will also be providing pizza, popcorn, and a few brief, fantastic speakers:

Steve Singer (Educator from Steel Valley, Education Activist and Author!)

Rev. Deneice Welch (Pastor Bidwell Street United Presbyterian Church and Education Activist)

This event is open to members, community partners, and community members! Seating is limited, so call today to register your family and friends—and let us know if you will need childcare for your children!

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