People have been raving about the Toddlerpalooza event that took place here on May 6!  There was information, action, free books, and fun for our members, the community, our providers, and guests—and so much more!  Please check out the PFT Facebook page for pictures of this event and see what everyone was so excited about!

Major congratulations and thank yous go to our own Cynthia Jackson (PFT Early Childhood Organizer on Special Assignment,) Pat Colangelo (PFT Staff Rep Assistant), and Bill Hileman (PFT Staff/Vice-President) for organizing and leading this grand event!  

This event was so successful, that there is an interest in putting it in the PFT Budget to repeat next year!  Early Childhood members—would you be interested in working on this since the Early Childhood Grant will be over?  Let us know by calling 412-431-5900.